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Blogging – Boost Your Website, Ranking, and Connections

Insider’s View – Businesses that publish blogs regularly generate 67 percent more leads than others who don’t

Credible, captivating, and entertaining blog writing is a skill that needs an SEO-savvy writer with years of experience. Writing catchy and plagiarism-free blogs with the optimal keyword density is one of the best ways to boost your search ranking and turn avid readers into customers. However, blog writing is a time-consuming skill, which requires creativity, SEO knowledge, and writing expertise. At SYMITS, we have a team of professional blog writers to create high-quality online content for your business.

SYMITS’s Blogging Process, Tailored to You

Let our team of expert bloggers handle your website’s blog so you can have more free time to manage your business. The in-house bloggers at SYMITS not only create fresh, original, and plagiarism-free content, but they also ensure its optimization. Our services include content writing, image addition, keyword search and placement, posting and uploading, and optimization across various search engines and social media platforms. As one of the leading SEO agencies, we are committed to offering unmatched digital marketing services.

Types of Blog Posts at SYMITS

At SYMITS, we don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Every client is different, so are their needs. Our writers can provide content that establishes your brand as a thought leader and entices your target audience at the same time. Some of the different types of blogs we specialize in include:


Instructional blog posts are detailed how-to instructions on reader-specific queries. The aim is to offer a solution to a very precise problem readers are struggling to solve. For example:

  • How to Reduce Your Insurance Premium?
  • What Should Businesses Do to Increase Their Ranking in SERPs?
  • How to Care For Someone with Limited Mobility?

Company News

Company news blog posts are intended to keep your target audience informed about all the important events in your organization. Many readers are interested in knowing what goes on in your company, and creating a company news blog post can help you connect with them. Some examples of this type of blog post include:

  • SYMITS Is Hiring Technical Writers for its Content Team
  • SYMITS Wins the Best SEO Agency Award
  • SYMITS Hosts a Fundraising Dinner for a Charitable Cause

Industry News

If there are some new innovations taking place in your industry and you want your readers to know about it, consider getting an industry news blog post written. At SYMITS, our writers can look for the latest breakthroughs in your industry and create relevant blog posts in simple language. Here are some examples of industry-specific blog posts:

  • Google Announces Major Changes in its Search Engine Algorithm
  • Facebook Adds New Testing Options
  • Bing Launches Mobile Price Extensions for Ads


In some instances, a denser and lengthier topic can be parted into a series of blog posts, like Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. This is a great way to give your readers a good reason to come back to your blog and continue reading. For example:

  • Blog 1: What to Consider When Creating a Website
  • Blog 2: How to Create a Website
  • Blog 3: How to Optimize Your Website

List Based

List based blogs are easy to read, and they allow readers to simply skim through the main points. Writing list based blog posts can help you acquire more readers, and eventually more customers. These blogs usually begin with a number, e.g.:

  • 5 Ways to Deal with Stubborn Carpet Stains
  • 10 Recipes for your Thanksgiving Party
  • 3 Ultimate Ways to Enjoy Traveling in Vegas

Why Choose SYMITS

At SYMITS, we not only write blog posts. We also:

  • Discuss your blog goals
  • Suggest blog ideas
  • Do the keyword research
  • Work on headlines
  • Create meta descriptions and URLs
  • Provide high-quality external backlinks
  • Ensure proper internal backlinks
  • Add images
  • Publish content and ensure its optimization

Our team of experts works tirelessly to create high-quality content and encourage social engagement. We work with the best and only hire writers with the creative flair, passion, and ambition needed to ensure our clients receive competent services. Whether you need simple edits to your existing blog posts or fresh, high-quality blog posts on a continual basis, get in touch with us today.

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