Instagram Marketing

Why Should Business Owners Use Instagram

When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram is a powerful tool used by several businesses to advertise their products. There are millions of active Instagram users who share their pictures every day and follow their favorite influencers. At SYMITS, we help businesses boost their online visibility, search engine ranking, and customer base by creating an effective Instagram marketing strategy.

Brand Management on Instagram

If your business or brand already has an Instagram account, we can enhance your outreach by designing a customized campaign. However, you need social media experts to market your products or brand on Instagram because its members can be slightly different than Facebook users. Advertising on Instagram allows you to gain thousands of followers and engage with different age groups.  

How Businesses Can Succeed on Instagram

By harnessing the power of Instagram, we can significantly boost your online visibility. Here are some of the ways we can help you advertise content on Instagram:

Sharing Content Frequently

We can help you publish your business content on Instagram during peak hours to grab more likes and followers. Whether you wish to share pictures or videos daily, we know when you will get thousands of followers. We can consistently change the Instagram marketing strategy to ensure better results.

Interacting with the Audience

We can develop fascinating content which includes videos, Instagram stories, or photos to make it more enticing for your audience. By helping several businesses market their products on Instagram, we know what makes the audience tick.

Setting Powerful Vision and Strategy

By making monthly plans for your Instagram handle, we can take your business or brand name forward and in the right direction. We can build a large following on Instagram to help you introduce new products and services.

Statistics About Instagram

People spend at least half-an-hour on Instagram to share pictures, stories, or follow their favorite brands and influencers. Over 20 billion pictures are shared every single day on Instagram.

Sharing pictures on Instagram is much easier than uploading them to Twitter or Facebook. According to a recent study, you can quickly increase your brand’s social engagement by sharing your business story or pictures on Instagram.

Instagram is a wonderful app where millions of people share their pictures, product stories, and business videos. Images look extremely attractive on Instagram, and they may entice customers to buy your products or services. Instagram marketing can be an easy way for brands and businesses to gather more number of followers without paying anything extra.

Benefits of Using Instagram for Your Brand or Business

Instagram can be an entirely new platform for some business owners who want to advertise their brand or products. There are several benefits of marketing your business or brands on Instagram and some of them are as follows:

One-Third of All Users Buy Products on Instagram

Instagram is an incredible sales funnel, and users have bought some of the products which they have seen or liked on this social platform. Since customers are more likely to view product images in full before making a purchase, you should consider letting the experts at SYMITS post high-quality images of your products on Instagram.

Ads on Instagram Can Give You an Edge

You can choose from more than 200 million Instagram users and target the right audience who are more likely to buy your products or services. Instagram can also be used to retarget existing customers.

If you need a comprehensive Instagram or other social media marketing plan, trust SYMITS. We have a team of social media specialists who can create a targeted campaign for your business with high-quality images, unique content, and relevant hashtags and impressions. We are one of the leading SEO agencies you can rely on.   

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