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More than 90 percent of searchers don't purchase their desired product online on the first visit and around 75 percent leave a shopping cart. Do you wish you could recapture these visitors who have taken interest in your products and services? PPC remarketing has made it easy to promote your ads and make them visible to customers after they visit your site. Google remarketing tool targets past visitors and encourages them to convert. This tool can generate a great ROI if used correctly to increase revenue. At SYMITS, we make sure your customers don't see similar ads as before. With decades of experience, we are able to create budget-friendly and ROI focused remarketing strategy for our clients.

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What Is Remarketing?

It is a marketing tool provided by Google that allows companies to easily reach the audience that has already visited their websites. Remarketing ads are only visible to those people who have previously visited a certain page to encourage them to visit again, fill their carts, or complete a transaction, whether it is a call to your company, an online form submission, or a purchase.

Remarketing Campaign with SYMITS

At SYMITS, we can devise a comprehensive remarketing strategy to target users based on website pages they’ve visited and even pages that they have ignored. You can select where your ads should appear and to whom. You will get detailed reporting each month of how well your strategy and campaign is performing. Our experts can also create specialized ads for your products and services.

Whether you choose display or search remarketing, SYMITS will help you improve PPC advertising for your business through a comprehensive suite of remarketing services.

Dynamic Remarketing:

Our experts can create customized ads based on your visitors’ preferences and their past shopping patterns. These ads will also suggest products people have previously added to shopping carts.

Multi-channel Remarketing

You can reach the targeted audience using multiple networks, including Perfect Audience, AdRoll, Google, and other third-party networks. You can also display your ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and search engine results pages.

Advanced Audience Segmentation

Our remarketing experts will segment your target audience by engagement, visits, days, lifecycle stage, and other aspects to ensure the right message is presented at the right time to the right audience.

Real-Time Bidding with Remarketing

We make sure your ads are spread across the web at the times and in the places where your audience will respond.

Continuous Monitoring

We will keep a track, perform tests, and optimize your strategy to get the best out of remarketing.

Why Choose SYMITS for Remarketing Campaign?

While paid search tools like AdWords are self-service platforms, most companies and businesses lack the expertise, time, and knowledge to maximize their ROI. Remarketing is an amazingly cost-effective strategy to get qualified leads and visitors to a website. At SYMITS, our expert PPC remarketing experts work with our clients to understand their businesses and priorities and manage their remarketing campaign, including lead-to-sale ratio, client’s sales funnel, profit margins for each service and product sold, and visit-to-lead ratio.

Get ROI-Focused Remarketing

AdWords specialists at SYMITS have a proven track record in utilizing result-oriented remarketing strategies to boost ROI and grow revenues.

Reach Relevant Customers

We understand the inputs and outputs of remarketing techniques. Our experts can use exclusive remarketing tools to drive back jilted users and make them interested in your products and services.

Eliminate Wasted Budget

Remarketing PPC can put your business back in front of your target market. We sift through the data to identify issues, remove wastage, optimize new ads, and make the most of your digital spend.

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